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Taylor Kolste


I am currently a student-athlete at Whitworth University. I love the game of football and plan to be around the game my entire life. I have been studying the game and coaching since I started high school, this has included watching film nearly every day of the week, in addition to reading many books on coaching and leadership. I plan on coaching college football after I graduate. I published a course on Chip Kelly’s passing game with the Eagles on CoachTube in 2017 which you can find here: https://coachtube.com/course/football/breaking-down-the-chip-kelly-philadelphia-eagle-passing-game/880814

You can reach me by email at TKolste20@my.whitworth.edu or on Twitter at @TaylorKolste.

Noah Riley

noah headshot

I’m currently a student-athlete at Lewis & Clark College where I’m a psych major. I first got into coaching in high school. At a young age, through my uncle, Mike Riley, I was able to learn a lot by sitting in on his meetings and practices at both Oregon State and Nebraska. I now learn a lot from my current coaches and by watching and cutting up all-22 film of offenses i’m interested in. I also spend a lot of time studying analytics and the coaching philosophies/cultures of successful teams/ organizations. I plan on coaching college football after I graduate.

You can contact me by email at Noahbriley@lclark.edu or on Twitter at @NoahRiley21.